Logical Buildings Named Consumer Technology Association’s “Integrator of the Year” at CES 2020

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CTA’s Smart Home Division honors smart buildings firm for best in custom integration and installed technology

LIVINGSTON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Smart building developer, integrator and services provider Logical Buildings announced today that the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) named the company Integrator of the Year at CTA’s marquee annual conference, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas.

“Smart property management isn’t years off — we’re doing it today”

The Smart Home Division of CTA presented Logical Buildings with a Mark of Excellence Award for its projects utilizing SmartKit AI, the firm’s fully integrated smart building mobile platform. The awards recognize the best in custom integration and installed technology, and celebrate outstanding business success, resource use, comprehensive technical skills and exceptional quality in professional installations.

SmartKit AI derives energy savings through real-time, data-driven insights of residential building operations, predictive analytics and gamification. Customizable alerts and 24/7 concierge support empower owners and managers to make informed, cost-saving decisions across portfolios by reducing energy consumption, optimizing building performance, enhancing preventative maintenance, providing utility grid relief, minimizing carbon emissions, increasing water efficiency and enhancing building resilience. SmartKit AI is now expanding rapidly into the commercial, industrial, and manufacturing markets as facility managers appreciate the easy to use mobile applications to monitor real time operations and save money.

“Smart property management isn’t years off — we’re doing it today,” said Logical Buildings CEO Jeff Hendler, who accepted the award at a ceremony at CES. “Employing our growing archive of operating data from thousands of properties, SmartKit AI creates intelligent residential buildings that deliver quantitative and financial ROI to building owners and operators. The hardware agnostic platform integrates operations data streams from partners like Samsung, Comcast and Leviton to provide building managers with a simplified, centralized, real-time dashboard to oversee operations and supervise energy usage.”

“SmartKit AI’s gamified user experience walks building managers through simplified steps to convert optimization opportunities into financial returns,” said David Klatt, SVP Operations/Analytics at Logical Buildings. “The platform’s combination of real-time monitoring, behavior modification, and automation provides incentives for building staff to leverage energy resources when they’re most valuable and rewarding them for emissions reductions.”

Logical Buildings’ roadmap for the year ahead includes the rollout of its dynamic HVAC controls heatmap dashboard, which digitally integrates smart thermostat load management and real time fault detection across national property portfolios. The company is also planning to roll out enhanced water meter monitoring, expanded leak detection, and functionality for reducing carbon emissions based on the time of day.

About Logical Buildings

Logical Buildings is a smart building technology software developer, IoT and DER systems integrator and smart building services provider. Integration of Logical Buildings’ products and services in large multifamily, commercial, industrial, and manufacturing properties materially reduces operating expenses, generates revenue from existing mechanical equipment, enables wireless connectivity, and improves building operations/fault detection/resiliency. Our SmartKit AI, Smart Building AI IoT Platform and Software Analytics, and EPAX Energy Procurement Advisory and Execution software platforms are now contracted to serve more than 200 million square feet. The platforms were built by energy and telecommunication systems engineers and our shareholders – owners and developers of more than $10 billion of multifamily and mixed-use properties. Logical Buildings (formerly Energy Technology Savings, Inc. or ETS) is committed to growing your building’s revenue while reducing its energy and operating costs and enhancing building sustainability and resiliency. For more information, visit www.logicalbuildings.com.


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