Logical Buildings unifies

data transparency with

energy management training

to effectuate simple,

actionable insights

For Large Building Owners, Managers and Developers

Logical Buildings is a smart building software and solutions company that creates real-time transparency and data-driven insights of building operations.
Through predictive analytics and training from our concierge team, our proptech platform enables building staff to optimize building management, generating significant energy and operating cost savings, resulting in higher Net Operating Income (NOI) and Net Asset Value (NAV).

For Utilities

Logical Buildings is a demand response aggregator and integrator of distributed energy resources (DERs) that builds and manages behind-the-meter virtual power plants.
Logical Buildings’ customized engagement and high-touch services facilitate more responsive load management participants and more positive interactions between utilities and their customers.

For Technology Partners

Logical Buildings is a hardware-agnostic, building systems integrator that offers insight into product optimization, greater innovation adoption and value creation.


We install real-time interval meters, IoT sensors, and load control devices connected to our proprietary energy and operations management software platform.
SmartKit AI’s mobile software suite provides real-time data transparency, monitoring, predictive analytics, and digital management tools that reduce energy and operating costs by 10 to 20 percent. SmartKit AI’s innovative technology optimizes performance of building systems, generates revenue from onsite assets (eg, HVAC and Distributed Energy Resources) and links energy saving actions to efficiency goals and rewards.
Importantly, supported by Logical Buildings’ Concierge team, our deep archival data library and predictive analytics, SmartKit AI acts as a versatile tool for digital building management, empowering staff with insights to streamline operations while improving tenant comfort and achieving sustainability goals.
SmartKit AI is a NYSERDA qualified Real Time Energy Management system and service platform.

EPAX™ Energy Procurement Advisory and Execution

We provide unprecedented clarity on choices for forward energy purchases on the open market, empowering building owners and managers to continuously evaluate and mitigate the risk of unpredictable energy costs, and participate in transparent reverse auctions to reduce exposure.
We negotiate and contract optimal commodity supply and tariff distribution rates and structures dictated by each property’s unique data signature and mechanical
equipment utilization profile

Cleantech Capital Projects

We provide turnkey capital project solution utilizing each building’s unique energy and operational data signature to select right-sized innovative technology implementation, including controls, lighting, battery storage, cogeneration (CHP), on-site wind / solar, building wide wireless connectivity solutions, and other equipment upgrades.

Smart Building Engineering Services

Cogeneration/CHP/Back-up Generation

We provide full service optimization and performance tools that maximize the benefits of dispatching on-site power generation assets and predictive/preventative maintenance protocols to proactively mitigate potential costs of operating the units.

Distributed Energy Resources

Our software analytics optimizes distributed energy technologies such as battery energy storage, Electric Vehicle charging stations, and solar/wind renewable resources – all with the objectives of reducing energy costs, increasing achievable sustainability targets, and improving the resiliency of multifamily and commercial properties by installing microgrid energy resources.

Benchmarking Sustainability

We benchmark sustainability targets and train staff to reduce carbon footprint and increase energy and water conservation.

Pre-Development Services

We provide pre-development feasibility services to reduce base electric and heating load, mitigate impact of utility price exposure and minimize energy operating costs upon completion of construction.

Concierge Service

We provide continuous onsite training of appropriate facilities management personnel to empower best practices around energy savings devices, dashboards, and apps deployed.