Logical Buildings is a smart building software and solutions company that reduces energy and operating costs, achieves sustainability goals and improves tenant  comfort for multifamily and commercial properties. Logical Building’s software platform, SmartKit AI™, creates and applies property-specific data to influence the behavior of property managers and converts energy savings opportunities into higher net operating income and net asset values for existing buildings and those under development.  Built by energy and telecommunication systems engineers and our shareholders – owners and developers of more than $10 billion of multifamily and mixed-use properties – Logical Buildings is committed to growing your building’s revenue while reducing its energy costs and enhancing tenant lifestyle.
Logical Buildings operates at the forefront of innovation in property tech and energy tech. With the megatrends of decentralization, decarbonization and digitalization in the power industry, building owners now have unprecedented control of their energy bill and the ability to generate  revenue from existing assets. Building digitization improves building operations across the board with smart sensors that identify issues in buildings’ systems, prolonging equipment life and optimizing day-to-day tasks.
At Logical Buildings, we are passionate about using data analytics and technology to effectuate positive change in buildings and the environment. We develop personal relationships with users of our technology and empower them with the tools to manage their buildings with data transparency and efficiency. We can often be found on roofs, basements and everywhere in between discovering what makes every building unique and where we can create value deploying smart building technologies.