Project Stats

Company Name:


Square Footage:

3,000 electric mopeds, 50 electric taxis (and growing)




Brooklyn, NY


Create virtual power plant through Real-Time Energy Management; Energy Data Transparency; and Optimization of Charging Operations


Revel, a Brooklyn-born transportation company, is electrifying cities through charging infrastructure and shared electric vehicle fleets. Electricity is a key component of the company’s operations, which have recently expanded beyond shared electric mopeds, into e-bike subscriptions, fast-charging infrastructure, and an all-EV ride-hailing service. The challenge for Revel is not just accessing power in a large territory, but also keeping its operational costs low while contributing to citywide grid reliability. Sustainability and equity in access to low-emission transit are core values that Logical Buildings helps Revel attain.


By using Logical Buildings’ virtual power plant software, GridRewards, Revel has insights into its power usage. In response, it dynamically adjusts the charging schedule of its fleet to support NYC’s electrical grid resilience. For example, during NYC’s June 2021 heat wave, Revel shifted the timing of its charging sessions a few hours earlier to avoid peak usage hours when electricity is dirtiest and most expensive. In doing so, Revel’s actions were akin to powering 100 homes with carbon-free energy. It is this type of dynamic energy use that is critical to a successful transition to a clean energy economy. Revel was able to participate in demand response at a crucial time for New York City while earning money for their efforts.


• Revel becomes the first electric mobility company to use virtual power plant technology to optimize charging operations in support of a cleaner, more resilient electricity grid.
• Grid resiliency akin to powering 100 homes with carbon-free energy
• A win-win for Revel and the City’s electrification goals: “As we continue to expand our electric mobility products, we plan to be an asset to the grid rather than a liability,” said Paul Suhey, Revel COO & Co-Founder. “Our EV infrastructure and charging operations can play a major role in helping NYC transition to a cleaner electric grid.”

Logical Buildings is proud to partner with companies like Revel to decarbonize and enhance the resiliency of NYC’s electric grid when peak demand occurs in summer heatwaves. Together, we can pave the way for the smooth electrification and decarbonization of NYC!